Tahiyyat al-Masjid prayers


Do we need to pray Tahhiyat al-Masjid every time we enter the masjid? I have witnessed it only on before jum’a prayer.  


It is a good practice to perform these prayers as we enter the mosque. It shows us that we respect the house of Allah and we value the fact that our Lord has guided us to the best possible place. As much as we can, we should perform it. However, it is not Fard or Wajib upon us, but a preferred practice.

Hijri Date

Salaah Times

Begins Jamaat
Fajar 3.25 5.15
Sunrise 5.46
Zuhr 1.06 1.30
Asr 6.04 7.15
Magrib 8.21
Isha 9.38 10.00
Juma Khutba: 1.25 PM
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