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Maulana Shahid Raza

Shahid Raza is the Deputy Director of the Muslim College in London and is the President of the World Islamic Mission of Europe. Aside from his other religious duties, he is devoting his scholarly attention to systematise a comprehensive educational programme for imams in the UK.

Born in India, Maulana Raza earned a degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Agra in 1969. He then embarked upon post-graduate study at the University of Meerut in 1976. This was followed by an advanced degree in Islamic Studies from Jamia Na’imia Moradabad, one of the oldest and most prestigious theological seminaries in the Indian sub-continent.

When Maulana Raza arrived in England in 1978, he joined the Islamic Centre as the Principal Imam. After 30 years, he is still serving in this leadership capacity. He has in addition, also taken up a permanent lectureship at the Muslim College in London in 1986 where, for the past two decades, he has worked as Course Director for the training of British Imams. Even before the recent death in January 2006 of Shaykh Badawi, the founder of the Muslim College, Maulana Raza had become the deputy principal of that institution.

Maulana Raza is also a board member of the Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK and has been the Executive Secretary and Registrar since that organisation’s launch in 1988. More recently, in October 2004, he has taken a leadership role and has become a founding trustee in the formation of new national Muslim body, the British Muslim Forum which represents over 300 mosques and other Muslim organisations in the United Kingdom.

Mualana Shahid Raza was houroured in the Queen's new year honours list (2007) with an OBE for his services to the Muslim community.

Mualana Shahid Raza was instrumental in the formation of MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board) and was elected chairman of this influential organisation in 2009.

(Last Updated : May 2009)

Mufti Mahammad Shakir Patel

Mufti Mahammad Shakir Patel was born in 1984 in Bharuch (India). He attended school in his home town before proceeding on to Daru Uloom Ghasiya (Mumbai) and Al Jamiatul Ashrafia (U.P Mubarak Pur) to further his knowledge of Islam. This pursue of Knowledge lead to Dara uloom Qadria Ghareeb Nawaz (South Africa) where he completed his Alim, Fadhil and Mufti qualifications.
He moved to the UK and began his duties as deputy head of the Islamic Centre and head teacher of the Madrassa in 2008. He is married and enjoys reading and expanding his religious knowledge.

(Last Updated : May 2009)

Qari Suleman Haji Ali Kara  

Qari Suleman Haji Ali Kara was born in 1958 in Baroda (India). He attended Madresa Hanfiya and Dara Uloom Mustufaiya where he became Hafeez-ul-Quran and reached the level of Qari. He came to the UK in 2004 and began his duties as Imam and teacher at the Islamic Centre in 2007.
He is married with children and takes a great amount of pride in educating the young Muslims who attend the madrassa.

(Last Updated : May 2009)

Syed Sultan Shah

Syed Sultan Shah was born in December 1983 in Karachi (Pakistan). He is a syed (descendant from the family of the Holy Prophet) and is married.He received his religious education at Jamia Faridia Moeenul-Qaraan and he completed his Hifeez (Learning the Holy Quran by heart) at the age of 13 at madrassa Tul-Madina (Karachi). He came to the UK in 2005 and joined the Islamic Centre in 2007 as an Imam and teacher. He enjoys reading and playing cricket and football.

(Last Updated : June 2009)

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